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  • Call for Papers: 15th International Turfgrass Research Conference July 12-16, 2025 in Japan

Call for Papers:
15th International Turfgrass Research Conference

15th International Turfgrass Research Conference

July 12-16, 2025 in Japan

Autor: © Dr. Klaus Müller-Beck, Ehrenmitglied Deutsche Rasengesellschaft e.V.

Die International Turfgrass Society ITS, kündigte im aktuellen Newsletter die Anmeldung von wissenschaftlichen Beiträgen für die 15. ITRC in Japan an.
Für alle interessierten Kollegen*innen aus der Deutschen Rasengesellschaft bietet sich jetzt die Gelegenheit, sich auf diese internationale Fachtagung im Juli 2025 in Japan vorzubereiten.
Die wichtigsten Informationen sind hier zusammengestellt.


ITS-Newsletter September 2023
ITS-Newsletter September 2023

“Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to announce the 1st call for papers for the International Turfgrass Research Conference (ITRC 2025), which will be held at the Karuizawa Prince Hotel West from 12 – 16 July, 2025. The conference will bring together the international
turfgrass community including researchers, teachers, industry professionals, and turfgrass practitioners to exchange knowledge, present cutting-edge research,
and foster collaboration in the field of turfgrass science”.

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ITRC 2025 provides a platform

for participants to share their research findings, discuss emerging trends, and explore innovative solutions to challenges facing the turfgrass industry through a diverse range of scientific sessions, technical tours, a zoysiagrass symposium, a practitioner seminar, and many networking opportunities.

The conference will cover a broad spectrum of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Turfgrass breeding, genetics, and biotechnology
  • Turfgrass physiology and ecology
  • Turfgrass disease, insect, and weed management.
  • Golf course and athletic field management and maintenance
  • Turfgrass water and nutrient management
  • Turfgrass root zone design and soil management
  • Sustainable urban and landscape maintenance

We invite researchers, scientists, and experts in the field of turfgrass science to submit original research papers and abstracts for oral or poster presentations. The conference provides an excellent opportunity to disseminate your research, exchange ideas, and network with professionals from various sectors of the turfgrass industry.


Sania park Sugadaira (Nagano)


The ‘Standards for International Turfgrass Society Research Journal’ have been
revised to make a clearer distinction between ‘Short Communications’ and ‘Technical Papers’. The standards are accessible at the conference website


Important Dates:

  • Title/Summary Submission deadline:
    1 December 2023
  • Invitation for full paper submission:
    1 February2024.
  • Full Paper submission deadline:
    1 May 2024.
  • Short Communication submission deadline:
    1 September 2024.
  • Deadline for non-peer reviewed technical papers:
    1 January 2025
  • Early bird registration deadline:
    1 May 2025

Abstracts can be submitted online at: https://tinyurl.com/2nfrvdvx


We look forward to your valuable contributions and participation in ITRC 2025.

Stadion Kuma

“We hope to see you in Japan where we will seek to enhance our understanding of the sustainable management of turfgrass for the benefit of the turfgrass industry, our global society, and the environment.”

Sincerely, Doug Soldat
Editor-in-Chief, ITSRJ
Department of Soil Science / University of


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